Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hmmm nothing to really say other then this picture makes me so peaceful:-)

Gettysburg Address Poem

A time Of War
A time Of Redemption
A time Of Peace
Our country has been dealt a major blow
This war may have been won
But good lives have been lost
to the shed.
We are gathered here today
To recognize their achievements
Their deeds,
And most of all their bravery.
Their souls shall always be with us,
At home,
And on the battle field.
We have fought to make our country a good one,
A peaceful one,
An equal one.
We have succeeded
In reaching our goal.
The goal,
The founders
Gave to us.
We have succeeded,
Now let us Rejoice
And remember those
Who have fought for us,
To protect us,
To help us long in life.
This country shall remember them.
We shall remember.
Now let us go forward and embrace our new life,
With arms wide open


A little uncertainty can break
You down
A little time
Can open and
Close fates doors
With a little perseverance
You can accomplish anything
When no one is willing
To help you out
You can never surrender
You must move on
You have the right to decide your own life
Your fate may be
Set in stone for others
But not for you
Even when it’s
Dark, see the light
move forward
the people that
care for you will help you carry on
down the path
of fate
The path of life
The path of family and friends
The path of love
The path you choose

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Away (For Hollie)


Since you’ve been gone
Gone away
My soul has been blue
My skies have been gray
It aches and aches
I long for you
To be next to me
Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been alone
Our souls separated
Leaving a hole in me
A rift in my life
When you left
You hurt me
Left me with nothing
But a heart full of pain and sorrow
A life fractured
In to a million pieces
Putting them together
Trying to get what we had before
You left a
Life of love
And of happiness
Not pain and hurt
I miss you so
It feels like you’ve
Been gone forever
I wish you were here again

Nothing really to post with this picture. Just makes me feel like things just keep on going never really vanishing as time passes. Makes me think of eternity.



I can hear
The rain
Against the window pane
Hearing it Hitting the ground
This is just a mirror Image of myself
My tears fall
At the same rate
As the falling
Flowing like A river
Flooding my world
My sadness
Overwhelming my senses
Blocking my view of the world
The rain swamps
The world
Just as my tears do to me

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AutoBio (Poem about me)


I'm gone disappeared
First Glances leaves me hanging by a thread.
Time stops
Tick Tock goes the clock
Reading late into the night
I'm silently weeping
Clip Clop Clip Clop
Voices heard
I'm not really there
I'm whispering
I'm lost in the deep sea
Blah Blah Blah,
Mumble I say,
What's that?
Lying underneath my skin
I think my time has passed before my eyes.
It's seven-thirty-five
Hearts shattered,
I'm wounded
Rise of nations
Pitter Patter
The sound of rain slowly dripping down my
Sound overwhelming
Gun shots piercing the sky
I'm alone
I'm lost in space,
A great beyond
How to save a life,
Where did I go wrong?
Grey's Anatomy
I'm dying
I've been dieing for a long time
Hospitals, full of sadness
Never touching the ground
Poetry, stories
Love and Hatred
I've never "loved" outside of my family.
Final Fantasy
Swords and magic,
creature's beyond imagination.
I'm in a new world
Sadness, seeping through the in my skin.
Curse's man for life
Gods and Demons, different but the same.
I've never understood
I have no meaning
I have no part
I would think.
No never think.
Running far away
Down, down, slipping away forever
Yes food, so tasty yet so sour
I've not had food
I'm lying down,
deep into a cushion snoring away into a light sleep
I hear a shrill scream,
I'm awake and moving now,
no still sleeping,
no dreaming,
maybe a nightmare
Fighting to get ahead
Slowly falling behind
Finding out true meaning
I'm stuck effort upon effort
I'm in clock, winding away, ticking away
A soft touchYes I say
How the future began
I have thoughts, so complicated,
I don't understand
Bloody dice, funny isn't it
Bags with skulls on them I'm straight, I
say but others think I'm gay, yes gay.
Others say I'm gay.I have thought about race
What about poverty?
Never listening.
Hey I say to the black void
I'm shaving with my grandfather
Dead for two yearsLaughing on the side lines
Holding, holding on, never letting go
Twitching uncontrollably
Oh my Goddess
Greek myths so entrancing
Celtic tunes so harmonious Silently laughing
All those times, long gone
Places and people, I have loved, but lost
You bring out the devil in me
A cup I own
Fantasy rules my life
Star Wars
Yes Star Wars, lightsabers, and blaster fire
I'm here, don't be afraid
How did I get here?
It's been something I longed for
I never reached far enoughI fell
I didn't get back up again
Weighed down
The stars are shinning bright.
Never dull I sayjust wearing out
Everything wears out, even you and me
I would say life is a gift,
and I have found life,
On my front door step.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Inner Core (A Poem)

Inner Core

Ice covering my skin
showing my inner core
cold and unloving.
Flame licking my eyes
showing the fury that is
within me.
Lightning striking
everything I hate.
Water drowning those
who have hurt me.
controlling my life
everywhere I move.
My feelings show
everyone knows
who or what I
truly am.
Nothing but a
hard, unloving shell
like a golem,
not even a soul.
That's what I am called
a demon,
a nothing,
a creature
with no meaning.

Here if so sort of squint it seems like the lamp is a portal to anothe world. Let your imagination run wild. Think of some crazy places you could go with the lamp.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ths picture short of brings out that feeling of warmth and longing. I found this picture to be very warming and kind. The way the sun peaks off of the leaves and how the tree short of glows making a light for you to guide yourself by at night.